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Real time clocks are used in various electronic appliances, digital cameras, mobile phones, hospitals etc. The system can be very efficient and useful as it uses solar energy along with a backup battery. Buttons are used for the actions of rolling and reset action of the dice. A microcontroller based scrolling message display system is developed. A microcontroller is used along with GSM module, temperature sensor and a buzzer. It also has an obstacle detection system. As Microprocessor need the additional peripherals to work as a system, the overall cost of the control system was high.

When the tank is full, the relay turns the motor off. An LED dot matrix display is used. The wireless data transmission is based on ZigBee protocol. It is a microcontroller based system with RF based communication.

8051 microcontroller based mini projects pdf

Microcontroller Based Solar Charge Controller : Renewable energy is an alternative source to generate electricity. A microcontroller, mobile phone, DTMF decoder and few relays are required. The robot consists of a car with onboard visual sensor to see the planned path.

IR sensors are used for proper locomotion. This circuit can be mainly used for indication purposes. A microcontroller based remote monitoring system of a transformer is designed in this project.

8051 microcontroller mini projects

Commonly, used LEDs will have voltage drop of 1. The purpose of the project is to implement a microcontroller based digital stop watch with LCD display. The microcontroller is used to establish a path based on the received captured images from the camera. In this project, a PIC microcontroller based servo motor control is designed. The wireless data transmission is based on ZigBee protocol. Simple Toll Plaza : A simple microcontroller based automatic toll deduction system is designed in this project. The proposed scheme has all the characteristics of a modern UPS. List of Microcontroller based Mini Projects: 2 Digit Up Down Counter : The main principle of this circuit is to increment the values on seven segment displays by pressing the button. In this project, control of a stepper motor using ULN and microcontroller is implemented and the concept is applied to solar tracking system. Microcontroller Based Digital Tachometer : Tachometers are very useful devices in calculating the revolutions of a motor. It is based on the principle of driving LEDs using the clock pulses.

There is a GSM module included which alerts a remote monitoring center. Bidirectional Visitor Counter using : This Bidrectional Visitor Counter Circuit is helpful to count the number of persons entering or leaving a room and to display it on a screen.

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This system controls the street lights using light dependent resistor and PIR sensor.

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