Analysing the concept of informed consent in healthcare

And the capacities of patients for comprehension and consent are more or less acute, of greater or lesser power, focused in weak or strong personal integration, and compromised or not by pain, medication, disease, or social circumstance. The first limitation is related to the absence of choice.

Analysing the concept of informed consent in healthcare

Research associates approached eligible patients using a specific procedure, and then explained the study. The focus, then, for understanding both the basis and the content of informed consent must shift to include the many facets of the physician—patient relationship.

Informed consent ethics

Valid informed consent incorporates five elements: voluntarism, capacity, disclosure, understanding, and decision [ 1 — 4 , 6 ]. A questionnaire to measure knowledge was also developed and tested. None of these problems makes the achievement of informed consent impossible. Moreover, this information should be provided in language that is understandable to the particular patient, who may have linguistic or cognitive limitations. This method was followed to protect patient privacy and ensure patient confidentiality. Our analysis showed some variation in the proportion of participants who understood different components of informed consent. The frequency of refusal to provide consent was also recorded. We found that gender had no effect but that, importantly, significantly fewer patients from low-income countries than from middle- and high countries understood randomization, the voluntary nature of participation and freedom to withdraw at any time. Participants were also given an educational session with their health care provider to discuss concerns and ask questions. These participants were then shown an educational video illustrating the procedure, risks, benefits, alternatives, and postoperative care relevant to the surgery. Statistical analysis and data synthesis If a study investigated more than one population, a data set was created for each population. To be autonomous is to have the capacity to set one's own agenda. A second way in which the rule of informed consent may be suspended or limited is by being overridden by another obligation. American Medical Association. Maternal decision making, ethics, and the law.

There is a process of communication that leads to initial consent or refusal to consent and that can make possible appropriate ongoing decision making.

We also assessed the impacts on patient satisfaction with the information and treatment decisions Fig.

informed consent law

In a study, the investigator has ethically legitimate commitments to the scientific goals of the research project. Informed consent: legal theory and clinical practice. Mean and standard deviations SD were calculated for continuous variables, if normally distributed, and proportions were calculated for categorical variables.

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Informed consent for clinical treatment