Bajaj pulsar swot analysis

Swot analysis of bajaj company

Margins on these products are higher. Plus the brand name of Bajaj evokes a sense of assurance in the minds of parents, the buyers. Its product range encompasses scooterettes, scooters and motorcycles. In order to remain the market leader, the firm must find ways to expand the total market demand by finding new customers and increasing the usage of the product. High margin products - Pulsar, Discover, Three-wheelers, Avenger. The commercial of Kawasaki 4S had the punch line "Kyun Hero" means "now what hero" which reflected the aggressiveness in the marketing front by the company. The company has changed its image from a scooter manufacturer to a two-wheeler manufacturer. Most of the Bajaj models come loaded with the latest features within the price band acceptable by the market. There's Suzuki, Kawasaki and some Korean and Chinese models. BAL has been the pioneer in stretching competition into providing latest features in the price segment by updating the low price bikes with the latest features like disk- brakes, anti-skid technology and dual suspension, etc. Changed preference of Indians from cc bikes to larger ones,strong base with customers,single handedly managed to keep Japanese on their toes 2. It is important for the marketers to fully understand the theory and reality of consumer behaviour. Segments in a market may be defined by looking at the descriptive characteristics- geographic, demographic and psychographic.

Another interesting fact is how liberalization and embracing the change can work wonders for a firm, which was one of the most sceptical of liberalization policies of the Indian government. The mileage is compromised for high power. This is very useful in designing the communication strategy.

For a longer sustainability, it is considered a better option at the cost of a higher price.

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The campaign beared innovative punch line of "Definitely Male" positioning Pulsar to be a masculine-looking model with an appeal to the performance sensitive customers.

Larger wheelbase, high ground clearance and high mileage were the selling factors and it was in direct competition to Hero Honda Dawn and Suzuki MX The consumers choose Bajaj Pulsar over the other variants as this brand is consistent with their actual self concept.

Now with increasing competition in the economy segment and limited scope from cost saving measures, it is believed this strategy of focusing on higher margin products would enable the company in retaining its operating margins.

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High cost in various variants: The pricing of Bajaj pulsar is on the higher side for the Indian market. Firstly, the consumer tries to satisfy the need, followed by looking for a benefit and then lastly, the consumers see each product as a bundle of attributes like good quality, superior design, reliable, innovative features, etc.

Bajaj pulsar tagline

Hero MotoCorp Hero motocorp is the largest producer of two wheeler motorcycle in the world. Bajaj has kicked off a project to completely restructure the company's retail network and create multiple sales channels. The segmentation of Pulsar brand according to the engine capacity was done and consumer behaviour for each was analyzed. Low margin products - Platina, Scooters, Mopeds. Margins on these products are higher. The age group targeted ranges from 20 to 35 plus its target base is also the college going kids and young office going people. Introduction 3 III. The advertising should have a fresh look and the product should live up to the Gen-X's expectations. Initially their focus was on low priced fuel efficient bikes only. Also, the km average usage range scores the second highest while just 1 respondent uses the Pulsar for about km in a week, the highest in this survey that we obtained. A look at its own story over the past five years provides valuable insight. Then we go on to analyze the consumer behaviour for Pulsar regarding purchase, decision making and buying roles. The company would not be short of cash to put through such a buyback.
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SWOT Analysis Of Bajaj & KTM: SWOT Analysis of Bajaj & KTM