Butterflies versus moths

Thanks for coming along for the ride. This difference is possibly due to the need for moths to conserve heat during the cooler nights, or to confound echolocation by bats, whereas butterflies are able to absorb sunlight.

One the other hand, moths often have comb-like or feathery antennae. Resting posture Moths usually rest with their wings spread out to their sides. It is really hard to tell them apart.

moths that look like butterflies

A Sense of Scale Although it's easy to think of moths as tiny, flitting insects that circle light bulbsnot all moths are petite. But butterflies and moths have more similarities than just their dusty wings. And who do you think is the fastest flying?

moth antennae types

Some butterflies, like Pseudopontia paradoxa from the forests of central Africalack the club ends. On the other hand, butterflies have apposition eyes, which work by gathering multiple images and combining them in the brain.

butterfly moth pictures
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Butterfly vs Moth