Essay on how jack changes in lord of the flies

The increasing injustice Piggy endured towards the end of the novel was far greater than any that he had encountered previously. However, the changes experienced by one boy differed from those endured by another.

The freedom given to him unveiled his true self under the clothing worn by civilized people to hide his darker characteristics.

Ralph started as a self-assured boy whose confidence in himself came from the acceptance of his peers. Jack is gradually transformed into a vicious killer who has no respect for human life.

jack lord of the flies

Jack continues to hunt as the book progresses, always wearing his face paint when he does this. Jack begins to change slowly and develops a crazy and violent side.

Find quotes to support what you are saying about him. Related Essays. During a meeting discussing the beast, the boys pass the conch from one to another to speak It came from the pride in having accumulated the wisdom that was obviously greater than that of most of the other kids at his age.

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how has jack changed?