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Ranker may collect a commission from links on this page. Episode 18 - Meet the Not-So-Funny Valentine 9 years ago The men are determined to boycott Valentine's Day, but they change their tune when the ladies plan something special. And Brown is under pressure when he discovers his Brown ends up having to deliver the baby himself.

Meet the browns series online

Episode 2 - Meet the Knock-Off 8 years ago Cora purchases an authentic expensive purse but tries to pass it off as a knock-off. Elsewhere, with her probation nearing its end, a wistful London realizes Brown Meadows has become her Episode 1 - Meet the Real Wedding 8 years ago In the season premiere, the Colonel and Edna seek help from the Browns for their wedding.

But no one is as surprised as her fiance.

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"Meet the Browns" Meet the Test (TV Episode )