Social documentary photography essay

He traveled to the Midlands and to northern England where he photographed the effects of the Great Depression. Examples include child labor, child neglecthomelessness, poverty among segments of society, impoverished children and the elderly, and hazardous working conditions.

Probably he retouched this picture to re-illustrate the glory of the traditional life style, yet he may not have understood the actual tricky scenes.

How has documentary photography changed

However, at the time, this was the first example of artistic modernism which abandoned the idea that photographs should look like paintings and began establishing photography as a medium in its own right. What is also evident is that de Salignac drew some inspiration from another prominent street photographer with an extraordinary eye for detail, Paul Strand, who isolated and immortalized the geometric abstract imagery of New York City in sublime contrast. Through their powerful narration and visual impact, documentary photographs draw our attention to real-life socio-political situations of a certain moment, from which photographers extract an important moment and capture it with their camera. Collection Indians. Frank did not change anything in his pictures. Constructed Realities. It depicts a couple lying and kissing on the streets with people running in the background and police trying to clear everyone out. Fig 7. Nevertheless, his work should not be reviewed as a pure documentary photograph since his focus was more ideological than realistic. The Photographer creates a unique interpretation of the subject and his idea; therefore the picture is an illustration of his conception of truth. Photography has tremendous social value and it has become the most important aid in educating and obtaining instructions.

And not really clear… The term should be documentary style… You see, a document has use, whereas art is really useless. All images used for illustrative purposes only. Can a still image change the way people feel and act concerning the place they live in? Over the course of the history of photography, photography is usually associated with facts, yet it has been a medium for fiction from the very beginning.

what caused a decline in social documentary photography in the 1950s and 1960s?

To conclude, during the history of photography, the camera gained acceptance as a powerful tool and the photograph became a reliable and accurate visual reporter for almost every purpose.

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Documentary Photography