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If an assessment is rigorous, the study will not yield large disparities between the cognitive demands of the expectations and those of the assessment. In and out of tunnels, they darted through the cellar. K—1 Vowel Sounds Gr. For example, students may need to improve fluency by combining related sentences or improve word choice by substituting a more precise or vivid word.

The light floated toward them, then exploded.

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According to legend, Sarah s husband contacted her after his death, warning her that she would die unless she built a home for the angry spirits killed by Winchester rifles. Extinct No More 1 Every year, thousands of species take a step toward extinction.

They discuss common errors for each kind of question and strategies for avoiding these errors. Sarah climbed in and out of windows and scurried along balconies. Their hammering rang out day and night for 38 years until Sarah s death in Kevin snorted.

Some major writing performances represented at this level include brainstorming ideas, selecting appropriate vocabulary, and writing simple sentences.

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Sarah was crazy.

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