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The show meandered for a few too many seasons without its male romantic lead, Danny, and never fully recovered until he returned, as the finale demonstrates.

Jeremy Reed, a sexy, British doctor in the practice. So Morgan offers to let her use his bicycle, which is really just a way to get Mindy to ride a bike from a wedding reception like she did in the pilot, and I am fine with that.

They even got Selleck.

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I want to be able to talk plainly on things but I also want to create an entertaining show. She makes me truly believe that Beverley really would take the kids to steal some copper wiring at a new build.

She accompanies Annette and Danny to an appointment with Dr.

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The first change for the second season, which occurred before production of the season began, saw Xosha Roquemore upgraded to a series regular role after recurring in the final three episodes of the previous season.

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List of The Mindy Project episodes