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What might intelligent readers think at first glance? Right now, the thesis still sounds bland — not risky enough to be genuinely contentious. The cartoon should not be too vague or else that will decrease the effectiveness of the cartoons.

Introduce a theoretical source possibly from another discipline and explain how it helps to address this issue from a new and productive angle. The key is to be alert to what strikes you as strange, problematic, paradoxical, or puzzling about your topic.

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Or, summarize how scholars in the field tend to approach your topic. This is why it seldom makes sense to start a writing project by articulating the thesis. Next, explain what important aspect this scholarly representation misses or distorts.

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This thesis statement is pretty strong. The educator would want them to at least able to comprehend some words and phrases.

Humor can ease any tension or frustration, and a classroom should be a place for students to want to attend, not be forced into. Example: Although viewers might assume the romantic comedy Sixteen Candles is merely entertaining, I believe its message is political.

If your assignment asks you to do research, bring in a new lens for investigating your case study or problem.

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What larger purpose does it serve? Write a topic statement for each paragraph. Good essays problematize what we think we know and offer an alternative explanation in its place. Without learning about the culture of the specific language, as a teacher you cannot expect the student to look at a cartoon strip from a newspaper and understand it fully, simply because that student is looking at the cartoon from his or her native cultural point of view. Next, explain what important aspect this scholarly representation misses or distorts. This helps the student not only learn the language, but helps them understand the culture better and it is fun. We also have a thesis book research paper why this argument is important. Learning a second language is not as one-dimensional as it sounds, because when a person is trying to learn a new language, the person also needs to understand the culture of that language in order to be fully fluent in the language. Your thesis is your surprising response to this problem or motive. If writers can articulate this and a claim in response, they are well on their way to formulating an arguable thesis in the introduction.

Still Having Trouble? Cartoons can be used in all ages, but for older students, a cartoon strip from the newspaper would be more fitting.

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Right now, the thesis still sounds bland — not risky enough to be genuinely contentious. They want to see the writer challenge commonplaces—either everyday assumptions about your object of study or truisms in the scholarly literature. What does this commonplace interpretation leave out, overlook, or under-emphasize? What larger questions does this paradox or contradiction raise for readers? In looking at a general thesis statement, you need to give the cartoon enough information to bmcl cover the potential argument on the topic. Writers can harness these observational powers to engage critically with what they are studying. References Blackman, W. Blackman gives his readers an example of a ninth-grade teacher making all her students do public speaking in front of the class. Outside of school, I did what many 6 year olds or children of other ages would do after school: Go home and watch cartoons. Challenge a commonplace interpretation or your own first impressions. This means two things.
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